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Illustrator ยท Character Artist

Art Skills:

  • Digital 2D

  • Illustration

  • Concept Art

  • Art Fundamentals
    (drawing, painting, shape design, composition, light, etc.)


  • Character Art / Illustration

    • Portraits / Headshots

    • Full-body Illustration

    • Character Concepts & Design

  • Human / humanoid anatomy

  • Semi-realistic art style


  • Self-Educated (5+ years)

  • Studying at Schoolism (online)

  • Seeking mentorship



  • Affinity Photo 1

  • Adobe Photoshop / Adobe CC Experience

  • PureRef (Moodboards)

  • Trello (Project Management)

  • Willing to learn new software


  • Huion Kamvas Pro 12 (2018)

Favorite things to draw:

  • Humans / Humanoids

  • Femme Characters

  • Character Portraits

  • Fantasy Costumes

  • Eyes & Hair

Tastes & Themes:

  • Whimsical / Magical

  • Eastern Culture

  • Dark Fantasy

  • Fairy Tales

  • Vintage

  • Cottagecore

  • Nature

  • Transformation

  • Macabre

Personal projects currently in development:

  • Updating my art portfolio to better suit my aesthetics, goals and improved skills.

  • My own IP featuring an original story, character design and illustrations.

  • Live-streaming on Twitch with a virtual avatar I designed and created (VTuber).

  • Furthering my education via Schoolism online.

Client projects I'd like to work on in the future:

  • Original Character Stylized Portraits.

  • Book Cover Illustration (Fantasy / Supernatural / YA Fiction)

  • Tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) Illustration (D&D, WoD, etc.)

  • Trading Card Game (TCG) (CCG) Illustration (MTG, Hearthstone, etc.)

  • An aesthetically pleasing video game created by a small indie studio.

Other Skills

  • Eager to learn new skills, tools and techniques.

  • Loves technology and computers.

  • Passion for both art and games.

  • Open to constructive feedback and art critique.

  • English (native language).

Note: No AI image generation tools are used in the creation of my work.


  • Is there anything I should add to this list? Let me know in the comments. Thanks.
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