We understand that given the current circumstances trust is not easy to win and requires transparency and a long-term effort to act in the interest of the art community. We are extremely thankful for the trust and the massive support we have received from the community to this point.

This page is meant to give you a better understanding of who we are and what we are doing.

Artgram was founded by Cihan Tas (or just Tas, cause that first name is freakin' hard to pronounce) to give artists a platform that's aligned with their interests, in particular those that have crystalized to be extremely important in the recent months, due to an unprecedented break of copyright laws by companies and individuals who included millions of artworks in AI models without prior consent from artists. The use of these AI models leads to a massive economical damage for artists around the world and is a clear violation of their rights.


Cihan Tas - Founder

Tas is an entrepreneur living in Berlin, Germany. He has successfully launched multiple startups in the past, including a company Monto, which helped small business owners launch an Ecommerce store on Webflow.

In the early days he worked in a data protection office, and as a web designer. While Tas is not a professional artist, he's been a life-long lover of art and has been following the art community for a long time. He acted quickly when he saw there was a need for a platform like Artgram to address the needs of artists given the current situation. The site didn't have a tremendous amount of traffic in the beginning, but the community has been very supportive and the site has grown to a point where it's now a place for artists to connect and share their work, safely. He hopes that Artgram will enable the current and future generations of artists to thrive and prosper.


There are many more people working relentlessly behind the scenes to defend the interests of the art community and make Artgram happen. We are extremely thankful for their support and dedication.